Cleaning Vinyl Records


How To Clean Vinyl Records ?

Today we will offer a few practical tips of how to clean vinyl records for all nostalgic for the good old record players or for those who have not had a chance to use a turntable until now.

When handling a turntable first turn on the amplifier, wait until it’s warmed up, put on your record, and moving the lever of the tonearm. Then carefully press a tonearm onto vinyl record so that the needle gently sit in the beginning of the spiral grooves. Vinyl records need occasional cleaning with a record cleaning brush because of a collected dust as it would broadcast noises.

Vinyl Record Cleaning

The most effective and easiest way how to clean a record is to use a record cleaning machine (picture below):

Here is a video review of the above Spin Clean Vinyl Record Washer System:

We recommend you store your records in a special plastic bags. If on records are gathered a lot of dirt and fat, you can wash them in water in which you have added some detergent. For this it is necessary to wash with a soft sponge and gently to go in the direction of the grooves, and allow the record to dry in a vertical position after washing.

Singleplay and longplay records are made of easily bendable unbreakable lasting plastic material. The difference between these records is not only in material but singleplay and longplay records  have grooves that are much finer and denser. These are called microgrooves, and to play it we need especially fine grinding microneedles. When playing or reproduce these records, particular attention should be paid to the correct selection of the needle, as ordinary needle will severely damage microgrooves.

To playback music from vinyl records to be pretty much what we want, we have to look after their maintenance and storage. Care for our records should probably take us a lot of time, but we would liten our records with a pleasure and for a long time.

Best Way To Clean Vinyl Records

Maintenance begins at the first meeting with the record. The main thing is to never touch the grooves with your fingers. Namely, they will remain some fat, and it will manifest itself as a noise while playing.

When you buy a record player, watch for your tonearm weight, because it must not exceed 5 grams! Heavier tonearm will damage the grooves, so later in playback a noise will occur. Weight of a modern tonearms can be regulated, and most records correspond to those between 1.5 and 3 ponds.

Dust from your records can be removed with a record clean brush.


It is enough, with slight pressure, to keep it ten seconds on the record which revolves. If the record is more dirty you can do a cleaning with a mixture of alcohol and distilled water. Turntable needle must also be perfectly clean.

Here is a review of one of the best record clean brush – Audioquest LP Record Clean Brush:

After ten hours of playing we’ll clean it with a soft cloth, in the direction of playing.

IMPORTANT: LPs never stacked, because the gentle grooves can not withstand the weight. It is much better to align them vertically on a stand. In that way all will be well arranged and easier to choose.

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