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A Quick Turntable History

A turntable as a source of sound these years has a slow comeback. CD as a medium has never proved a worthy rival to the vinyl record regarding the true experience of a music in the homes of music lovers and audiophiles. The increase in sales of vinyl was going on the last couple of years but despite double digits in percentage growth over the previous year, total sales of vinyl per year in the world’s only live up to the figure which in the seventies, during the biggest selling of vinyl, could boast of only one album of one musician. Will the growth continue or is it just a current trend, the time will show. Yet it is time to recall a turntable, with which most of us have good memories.


World Of Turntables website is dedicated to the music lovers. We will write about the best record players, about their long history, about the legendary turntables that have marked the history, then about the best budget turntables, and then about the most expensive, not necessarily the best but undoubtedly very esoteric specimens.

We will also offer turntables for sale in various price ranges from under 100 $ to over 1000 $.

After a brief history of the phonograph (record on the cylindrical bakelite, Edison, 1877), the idea of music recorded on a flat round disk belongs to Emile Berliner, and that’s our first record 1890. The next important date in the history of the turntables is a transition from 78 to 33.33 revolutions of a turntable platter that are accepted as a standard in 1948 and here we got to the first LP records. Then sales growth. Turntables entering in our homes, the music of your choice in addition to radio and TV. And so until the publication of the new media (CD) in the early eighties. Then, drop, drop & oblivion.

Turntables are finished in the attic, the world has celebrated a new king – a compact disc (CD). LP is maintained only in the peripheral areas of the music industry, nourished only by die-hard audiophiles who refused a new medium. But in the last few years, there has been a recovery, a round black vinyl comes back like a phoenix, finding again its place in the market. And that’s the opportunity to recall the turntables and devices that were once present in almost every home. There were both good and bad, let me remind you only the best ones. I settled turntables into several categories, according to which each of them has value mentioning.



Transcriptor Reference Turntable – All who remember Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange” (Clockwork Orange) probably remember the turntable on which Alex listens to Beethoven. Today copies of this transcript achieving remarkable rates among collectors.


Technics 1200 MK2 – This Matsushita series turntables that worked for the Technics brand since 1972 with only some small modifications until 2010, is one of the best budget turntables of all time. It was made to be a good hi-fi turntable, very quickly around the world recognized as indestructible working mules because of the very good quartz controlled motor with direct drive, and accepted by DJs, and later of the DJs who have the need for scratching. Thanks to the excellent quality it has sold over three million copies. Some copies of this indestructible turntable made in the seventies play today without any service.


Linn Sondek LP12 – Success of this hi-fi record player, in addition to solutions of a subframe suspension in three points, brought the engineered solution that can effortlessly put on it tonearms of some other manufacturers, so very quickly, next to Linn Ittoku original tonearm, we’ve could see tonearms like Grace 707, Sumiko, Mission 774, later some others too. Today popular among audiophiles, the turntable with belt drive has a cult status that has earned the highest ratio playback quality obtained for money.


Thorens TD126 MKll – This rugged semi-professional Swiss turntable achieved world fame for his, and almost all other turntables very difficult to achieve the reliability specifications of motor rotation,exceptional resistance to external vibrations, and in particular a very important distinction that once well adjusted, rarely losing performance and it should never be repeatedly adjusted, which is not characteristic of many turntables. The attached figure is Thorens with SME 3009 tonearm, which is based on it as really could show all his accuracy in presenting information with LPs.



KUZMA Stabi M – The recent work of Mr. Franc Kuzma gained worldwide fame after the review by specialized magazines and other media described as the most neutral sound record player among the top turntables. No wonder, the heavy “full metal jacket” turntable (made of aluminum) is wearing one of the world’s finest tonearm, a little engineering masterpiece – Kuzma’s Four Point, this dark object of desire of thousands of fans listening to vinyl with more demanding needs for good sound around the world.


Oracle Delphi Mk VI – This turntable is a sculpture of a superior suspension. Adorned by reviews with superlatives into the way the stage is reproduced and many turntables absolutely unreachable dynamics in presenting a piece of music, and especially in the absence of noise and dead silence of the stage. This fantastic turntable might have only a single drawback – the inability to get his suspension mount some extremely heavy tonearms.


SME Model 20 – SME is known as a manufacturer of tonearms for the turntables. A known and recognized for a long time. Almost there is no turntable base on which we have not seen installed one of its tonearms. And it’s always because they played better than the integrated tonearm. Of course that they and their turntables in its class. Uncompromising in performance and of course – superior specifications as a result.


VPI Aries 3 Turntable – If someone asks me what is the American record player, my first thought would be a VPI. Interesting – VPI does not believe in anti-skating, its tonearms have no mechanism to adjust anti-skating. You will notice on a picture of this turntable another interesting thing: metal hoop placed on the outer edge of the LP that press a record additionally onto a platter.


SOTA Millennia – When someone mentions SOTA turntable first association is reliability. Reliability of the building of the first models, until today. A certain rigidity and recourse to simple solutions, no engineering stunts. Like the story of Bentley. Beautiful wood, minimalism in incidence, – SOTA. And then the end of the century appeared the black lacquer painted over brass beauty. The turntable has a pump that sucks air under the board and the resulting negative pressure presses the record on a platter. The edge of the platter is slightly raised at the edges above the ridges and serves less cavitation air above the plate while playing. It doesn’t matter all reviews of this turntable are in superlatives, even if not, I would not resist to remind you of this beautiful turntable.



AV DESIGNHOUSE Derenville VPM2010-1 – German team of experts and German traditionally the highest possible standards in the making. Display with video surveillance of the needle in the grooves. Impressive and mere mortals quite unachievable price of 650000 $. This is really the perfect turntable for turbo straight-A student.


TRANSROTOR Argos – With the purchase of this Transrotor top model you will get a fantastic sound, but also a considerable safety to you because thieves can not easily steal this turntable. This record player, in fact, weighs 270 pounds and requires a larger team of people to install it in your listening room. But I believe that when the work is complete, you can not complain about the sound.


CLEARAUDIO Statement –  This German turntable weighs even more than Transrotor Argos. The weight of 350 pounds, of which 80 pounds is a weight of the pendulum – extra weight to stabilize. Interesting is the patented technical solution of the magnetic drive sub-plates without any contact with the main dish. In addition to guaranteed great sound this visually attractive gramophone likely to attract the attention of anyone who ever visits your listening room, even if he/she has nothing to do with audiophilia and music. Price is 170000 $.


GOLDMUND Reference II – Forty-pound plate sandwich construction, processed in a hundredth of a millimeter, soft touch controls, tangential tonearm(Goldmund T8, itself weighing about 14 pounds), the possibility of installing three tonearms at the same time. The turntable, next to the impressive price, have a status of one of the best turntables at all if we believe those who have had the opportunity to closely observe and test its fantastic possibilities. The price is 300000 $.



CLEARAUDIO Emotion  – Emotion is the entry-level model of the German manufacturer of turntables. Clearaudio is only in recent years begun to take a greater share of the pie in the turntables market, its top models are often present at the audio setup fairs and have reason to be. Build quality and sound are superb, but it is consequently very expensive sound. But Clearaudio finds their part on the market of entry-level models that often have a factory set turntable, so they are plug and play, which will, besides a beautiful look, attract many people to buy their turntables.


REGA P3 – “Entry level” turntable of a British manufacturer, respectable among audiophiles, as a model, as well as manufacturer. It is reliable and a good turntable. It is interesting because almost everything on it can be replaced with better parts, and in the end, step by step, the occasional smart investing to get a sound enviable level equal to that much more expensive and more famous models.


Pro-Ject Debut III – What to say about this Pro-Ject’s model? High-quality starter model classic turntable at a very affordable price. The turntable has a protected solution “floating” engine on a rubber ring, which further reduces motor vibration, and it works great.

In your case, the need to restore the old record player from the attic can end up in many ways. One of them is to bring down the old record player and then you find that even if it works there are no provided inputs on your receivers and amplifiers for specific phono signal. This can be solved by buying so-called phono-box, therefore phono preamplifier which then conditions the signal to standard inputs necessary to your modern amplifiers that have long lost their gramophone inputs. This is followed by enjoying the unbearable crackling with your old records.

If you decide to buy a new turntable, think carefully whether your old record collection deserves it, and then carefully review the prices of new vinyl, especially prices of 180 or 200 grams vinyl, which pretty much guarantees quality material and printing.

If you are of those who do not give up and are ready to spend their free time to learning mass necessary knowledge and skills to accurately and optimally setup your record player, the tonearm, the pickup, to deal with incompatible impedances of phono-box and a suitable choice of step-up transformer for your new MC cartridge, if you are ready for hours to lift up and a drop down little by little VTA tonearms and listening trying to establish where the best is fitted to a selected tonearm, you are ready for a game in which the prize is the sound of any other sound sources can only dream of. And once hooked on the needle, there is no return.

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