The Beatles


1. Abbey Road – This is one of the best Beatles albums, also famous by its album cover. Residents of the yellow submarine in this (eleventh) studio album are release connected blues, rock, and progressive rock and made one of the best albums of rock music in general. Often, the reason for the success is a 16 minutes song (Medley) located on the other side of the board, which is intertwined with seven short poems. With accented drama, Medley ends with a symbolic song that seemed to announce last studio release – The End (“and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make”). Although after the album “Abbey Road” in 1970 issued another album “Let It Be”, the latter was recorded earlier and is the de facto ‘Abbey Road’ last studio album, the Beatles, and this is the end really – end. Darling and Octopus’s Garden (Third Ring song in the Beatles) have become timeless hits and are considered supreme achievements. “Abbey Road” remains the best-selling Beatles album in the United States with more than 5 million copies sold.

Abbey Road
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2. The double album The Beatles, also known as “double white album” or The White Album artistically equipped by Richard Hamilton (artist), was created after a series of problems faced by the Beatles; Lennon’s divorce with Yoko Ono, the death of the manager, the dissolution of their corporation “Apple” … The album was recorded very long, with disagreements and tensions that are not reduced even after the recording, but the commercial effect of the album was huge. It was preceded by the successful single “Hey Jude”, which sold over 6 million copies, but was not found on the album. “White Album” has become one of the most cited and influential albums of the Beatles. The US situation was even more impressive with a nine-week stay in the top spot during an initial chart run of 65 weeks.

The Beatles (The White Album) [4 LP]
  • The Beatles- White Album (4LP)
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