Amazon Prime Day – Selected Products

As you may know, today started Amazon Prime Day discount. Here are the best deals selected by World of Turntables: 1. Amazon Fire Tv Stick with Alexa Voice Remote. DISCOUNT 50%! 2. Echo Dot (2nd Generation) – Smart speaker with Alexa. DISCOUNT 40%! 3. iRobot Roomba 671 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity – Works with…


The +Record Player – A Revolutionary Concept For Vinyl Lovers

THE+RECORD PLAYER is an all-in-one record player featuring a built-in, high performance music system with high-quality phono components and advanced listening features. Made to please the discerning audiophile, it can be enjoyed by any music lover seeking a compact and elegant vinyl playing solution. THE+RECORD PLAYER is a highly versatile analog and digital music system….


Sony Is Starting To Produce Vinyl Records Again

It would be pretentious to write that the younger generation certainly does not know how it looks (less likely), especially what a sound is that is reproduced from the vinyl records, because in the past year vinyl returns to the big scene. But it is true that the vinyl records generally had a cult status…


The Simplest Way to Convert Vinyl Records to mp3

There are numerous reasons why people would like to convert vinyl to MP3, here are a few of the obvious ones: They save thousands of dollars in MP3 costs! If we say that the average LP has 12 tracks on it, and a download costs $0.69 per track, then each vinyl record will generate you…


Does Vinyl Really Sounds Better ? The Engineers Explained

Even Steve Jobs listened to vinyl records! The late CEO of Apple, whose iTunes store made a revolution in the sale and distribution of music listened to the record player at home – said a celebrated musician Neil Young 2012. Although Young himself entered in the market rush of digitizing music with his Pono player…


Does Power Supply Quality Affects Sound Quality ?

One of the realities of the era in which we live is that electric power companies are not able to deliver consumers a clean and constant voltage of 110 V 60 Hz which is necessary for the correct and reliable operation of sophisticated electronic devices such as computers or top-end audio systems.  Complex studies…


Audio Rack – DIY

DIY Audio Rack In this article we’ll make an excellent audio rack. That rack in the store costs a lot of money and it is by its appearance and by its sound a very serious product.  This is an audio rack of three independent shelves that are made of MDF 25 mm thick and the…


10 Most Valuable Records Ever

Although we live in the digital era, vinyl records are still appreciated, and audio experts unanimously agree that vinyl records most convincing reproduce recorded sound. On that note we present the most valuable records ever. The list includes only studio releases. Value of the records are usually increased with the original, first editions, of which…