Best Vinyl & Record Player Accessories


Turntable accessories

  1. Turntable Mats

    Picking the right turntable platter mat is vital to accomplish an expanded sound quality by decreasing rubbing, hosing vibrations and dodging static develop. A decent turntable mat grasps both the platter and the record immovably, so there are no slips while turning, and fundamentally reduces contortions of mechanical source. The material it’s made of, in spite of the fact that doesn’t produce sound without anyone else’s input, ought to have great sound qualities. The most utilized ones are produced using felt, stopper, calfskin, acrylic and elastic each having distinctive properties that offers unique sound attributes and make a decent listening background. Elastic mats for instance are particularly great at hosing vibrations while plug mats are prominent among audiophiles for opening up the sound range. The mat additionally ensures the record’s surface so it must be kept clean and tidy allowed to stay away from little particles settling in the depressions.

  2. Slip Mats

    Not at all like platter mats which hold the record solidly, slip mats are intended to neglect the record over the pivoting platter for signaling and scratching and to permit a DJ to control the record without harming it. They are typically made of felt and are additionally normally utilized as design for when a record isn’t on the turntable. On the off chance that you anticipate DJing, you require slip mats to signal and scratch, however in the event that you are listening just you require a platter mat.


  3. Turntable Record Clamp/Stabilizer Weight

    Record clamps are weights, usually utilized just by audiophiles, that fit on the axle of a phonograph and are intended to guarantee the stability of the vinyl for a better sound. They will push the record to the platter, and by this, keep resonances and undesirable needle movements to a minimum. You will get the most advantage of a record clamp when playing thin, bendable, marginally twisted or bowed vinyl, however it won’t wipe out distorting or knocking down totally. This is essential when attempting to archive your vinyl to a digital form, and you need to catch the most ideal recording. There are three main clamping techniques used to fit the weight on the spindle: unthreaded (has an axle opening in the base that essentially fits over any spindle), threated (which screws onto a turntables threaded spindle), collet style (you have to turn a handle to grab the spindle). Disc stabilizer weights are bigger, heavier and utilize a high thickness metal that takes out undesirable vibrations that influence sound quality.


  4. 45 RPM Adapter

A 45 adapter also known as 7 inch adapter is a small plastic or metal insert that fits the middle of a 45-rpm record so it can be played on the spindle of a turntable. Metal ones are much better than plastic since plastic adapter doesn’t fit very good in some cases and that can result in damaging your records.

Stainless Steel 45 Adapter (Single)45 RPM Record Adapter Insert - Aluminum - 7 inch Vinyl Record Dome 45 Adapter (Silver anodized)45 RPM SPINDLE ADAPTER TURNTABLE PHONOGRAPH STEREO RECORD PLAYER ALUMINUM DOME

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