Does Power Supply Quality Affects Sound Quality ?

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One of the realities of the era in which we live is that electric power companies are not able to deliver consumers a clean and constant voltage of 110 V 60 Hz which is necessary for the correct and reliable operation of sophisticated electronic devices such as computers or top-end audio systems.


Complex studies posted on sites like, of a known companies such as IBM study showed that the average computer user has an average of 120 power supply problems per month. In 55% of cases these are the consequences of disturbances mains, 11% of the consequences of storm, 8% of fires and explosions, 8% consequences of shedding water coffee and juice at a computer or audio equipment, 6% earthquakes, 3% of the human factor,viruses and deliberate sabotage and 9% other causes.

The effects of improper supply voltage caused by simple problems of “freezing” the keyboard when the computer does not respond to any keyboard command over damage to the combustion hardware motherboard.

On a home network connector should be 110V 60 Hz with tolerances, however in the case of lightning strikes in the close area voltage pulse of a very high value immediately starts to expanding through telephone and electricity network. The first victims of such impulses are usually modems or motherboards. ICs will burn first with the result of loss of all or many data. For owners of top-end devices the situation is much worse. Computers are virtually insensitive to low-level changes in the supply voltage. For example, the computer is completely “care” whether at a voltage of 110V or 90V. However, top-end devices will drastically change the characteristics with the change in voltage supply.

For a typical computer and audio system user source of the problem is in the apartment/house and we will analyze some of the possible malfunctions.

When the owner of a new computer or top-end audio system returns the device to the apartment often finds that new space does not match to the devices. In the home office there are devices that generate noise for example laser printers. Older models of laser printers at work know to currently pull high currents and thus cause a voltage drop on the connected audio devices.

In the bathroom home hair dryers and drying hoods can cause interference and washing machines (especially in drying mode) cause voltage drops. In the kitchen microwaves and blenders cause interference with a mains voltage that comes to audio devices. In the living room using the vacuum cleaner causes occasional brief voltage drops. You can minimize this effect by switching to one of the best hardwood floor vacuums, they are usually equipped with surge protection and draw less power in general. In the basement water heaters and dehumidifiers interfere with the main power supply and in the workshop or garage application of small tools (drills, circular, saws, jigsaws) may cause interference.

Too high voltage on the network as well as other reasons cause the application of safeguard measures by distributors of electricity that reduce the high voltage on the network. This process can be carried out momentarily and beacuse of that there is a variation in supply voltage. In addition to the application of safeguard measures by distributors we also have various engaging and releasing large inductive consumers and that cause interference in the network. It can be well notice in the evening because it often changes the intensity of light (we say that flashing light bulbs).

Before we take any action we need to know the answer to the question what is the realistic amount of protection which requires our multimedia computer or electroacoustic system?

Protecting your computer can be basic and complex. Basic protection consists in applying filter for voltage transients that are required to be set to the network of power lines and the data (serial, network, telephone). Variations in a power supply can be eliminated with the network regulators and voltage stabilizers and network interruptions of a power supply can be eliminate avioded with the application of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS backup).

Electro-acoustic systems require a different approach because solutions for the computer can not successfully be applied to the amplifier and other audio equipment. For best acoustic results first of all is necessary to separate phase of audio system power supply from the other networks in the apartment. Power line should have sufficient cross section along with the protection of circuit breakers and not fuse types. In addition it is necessary to perform very well grounding mains. But all this sometimes very expensive intervention can not prevent earshot action taken by distributors of electricity. Simple said, there are days when electroacoustic system plays poorly …

In the market there are a large number of devices to choose the right protection and protect your valuable multimedia and TOP-END electroacoustic system before it’s too late. Today the problem is with a 110V power supply. This problem is inevitable and it is much more likely to win the lottery than that you do not have problems or not to hear the harmful sound effects when playing a top-end electro-acoustic system.

In our opinion only with a buying of a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) like this one below with all the filters and protection available on such a product you can avoid power supply problems.



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