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We searched for headphones for video processing on a computer and realized that Audio-Technica M50x was more than that. It’s a real pleasure to use them at home with your iPod or another music player. You might want a different brand, but believe it, it’s worth trying out the Audio-Technica M50x. More below in a detailed review.


Sound Quality

The frequency range of the headphones ranges from 15 to 28,000 Hertz, which is why they are reasonably classified as a monitoring category, unlike fashion accessories like Dr.Dre headphones. Competitive headphones like the Allen & Heath Xone XD-53 offer an even wider frequency range that goes from 5 to 33,000 Hertz, but that didn’t make much difference when using M50x headphones that have much better sound insulation.


The drivers, or built-in speakers, are 45mm in diameter and reproduce solid, clear, deep tones without distortion. The treble is flawless and the only thing that can affect the bad sound is the source of the audio you are connecting to or the technically poor sound. If you connect these headphones to a device with a preamplifier (mixer, receiver, amplifiers), you get a full 99dB of power, which was quite loud to our ears, but at these values, the sound was clean and crystal clear.

Comfort And Isolation

Audio-Techica-ATH-M50X-comfortThe headphones themselves are one of the more comfortable we’ve tried. The shells are designed to follow the shape of everyone’s ear and will fit all users. The pads are great for the head and are very soft, and the headset frame is a little tighter, so they won’t just fall off your head. For all of this, sound insulation is perfect, almost close to what Sennheiser’s HD-25 II has. Exterior noise is excellently eliminated.

The headphones, on the other hand, are slightly heavier than competing models in that range, which would be the only complaint. Nonetheless, you will be able to use them for a long time without feeling almost any discomfort.


Design And Build Quality

As soon as you open the box, you will be surprised with 3 sets of cables, one of which is a spiral cable for more flexible use when on the go. The big plus of these headsets is that all the cables are attached to the left earpiece so they are easy to detach and replace. The two cables are designed for the studio (have a thread for the 6.3mm adapter included) and are up to 3 meters long. The third cable is for easier portability and use, so it’s slightly shorter – 1.2 meters.


Also, the package comes with a carrying case that is the same color as the headphone shells and looks great in the brown combination.


Considering that the previous model ATH-M50 has proven to be quite durable with user tests and comments on the internet, we do not doubt that it is the same with the successor – that is, the redesigned model. The shells rotate 90 °, while its shells are comfortable. More specifically, there is no sweating after prolonged use as the sponges are coated with high-quality plastic. Unfortunately, sponges are not interchangeable in case they are worn out. The interchangeable cables and excellent connector further support the durability of the connectors.



To be honest, let’s just say that we don’t test our headphones regularly and seriously, so the impression of using this model is based on comparison to just a couple of similar models. We hope to try some more models and fill out this category of headphones so you can choose the right ones for yourself, and until then, without too many comparisons, we can say that we really liked this model. The design is attractive, the equipment in the sales package is rich, we like that the cable can be removed and changed (which the previous model did not offer), while the sound insulation and high purity will leave few indifferent. Great price/quality ratio!

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