Stanton ST-150 Turntable Review


Today we will write something about not so popular turntable in our Stanton ST-150 review article.

If you are looking for a professional vinyl turntable we have the best deal right here – the Stanton ST-150. It has a superb motor and great for getting back to your vinyl record roots with a deck made for both DJs and home entertainment and been around for a while. Modeled in the form of the old Technics SL-1200 that is still one of the best oldies on the market, although not in production anymore. It has improved functions and classified as a Super-OEM – one of the best record players presently sold in the market.

Stanton ST-150 Turntable with Cartridge (S-shaped tone arm)


  • Designed with an all steel construction providing durability when used
  • It has a high-torque direct drive motor
  • It comes mounted with a Stanton 680.V3 cartridge and felt slip mat
  • It is a standard turntable for both scratching and listening to vinyl’s


  • It has no dust cover to protect the turntable
  • Does not have USB port included for transferring vinyl records to digital format

This lack of a dust cover can be easily solved with additional buying of a Decksaver Stanton ST-150 Turntable Cover, like in picture below:

For a beginner in becoming a Turntablist the Stanton ST-150 is a great scratching machine and saves you loads of headaches compared to the Audio Technica AT-LP1240 that does not come with a pre-installed cartridge. Installing a cartridge is not a simple task and you will need to invest some time and patience in learning how to do this. Where the ST-150 has an installed cartridge, making life simpler.

Stanton ST-150 Turntable Features & Specifications:

  • World’s strongest torque motor (4.5 Kgf-cm)
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Ultra stable platter and tone arm
  • Includes Stanton 680HP cartridge
  • Start/Brake speed adjustment
  • Digital output [S/PDIF] plug straight into CD-R or computer sound card
  • Key correction
  • Selectable Phono or line output (key correction works on line output only)
  • Dual start/stop buttons
  • Height adjustable tone arm
  • Reverse play
  • 3 speeds [33, 45, 78]
  • Quartz lock
  • Selectable pitch control [+/-8%,+/-25%,+/-50%]
  • Motor off feature
  • Removable target light
  • Adjustable feet
  • Includes slipmat and “L” shaped cables

A Heavyweight Turntable

As the vinyl turntable comes with a steel construction and lower heavy rubber construction to help dampen and isolate sound when used, it is a durable deck –packed with superb components and built to last.

It has a heavy-duty 4.5 KGF motor with the ability to play three different speeds when using vinyl 33, 45, and 78 RPM. It has a reverse play, a separate start/stop speed adjustment knobs, internal power grounding, adjustable pitch range buttons, a replaceable pop-up light, 2 start/stop buttons aligned perfectly, and rubber feet.

To top this, you receive a felt slip mat to get you started and prevent slippage while scratching. It has a great s-shaped tone arm with superb button placement and comes with a pitch slider providing great quality sound when used. The only concern is that it does not come with a USB port allowing you to copy your oldies to your computer.

Although you can plug it straight into a CD-R as it has a digital output and key correction with the motor off feature. The provided feet are adjustable to the height you need and a great turntable for its price.

Are You Serious About Music?

If you are a Turntablist or DJ and serious about music the Stanton ST-150 is a dream come true making your craft superb when used. They are the best for beginners and professionals as it has a heavy built construction, easy to use, heavy-duty motor with superb build made for both DJs, Turntablists, and for home entertainment as one can connect it directly to your home entertainment centre and enjoy some great vinyl music while relaxing. As a conclusion, we can tell that this is one of the best turntables under 1000 $ that money can buy.

If you want to know more about Stanton ST-150 turntable, here is a manual to read/download: Stanton ST-150 User Manual

Here is a video review of Stanton ST-150 Turntable:

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