Turntable Inspired Bathroom Sinks

Hygiene In An Elegant Way

Listening to music in the shower is a ritual for many, but if you are listening to music from your cell phone you have to admit that the pleasure is not complete. The solution to this problem was invented by designer Gianluca Paludi for Olympia Ceramica company. The sophisticated straight-line design is fully functional in both directions: the tonearm has taken on the role of a faucet, the buttons regulate water temperature and pressure, and an amplifier and speaker are included in the storage drawer, which are also Bluetooth compatible. They are called Vinyl. Unfortunately, the sink will not be available for purchase on the free market until the official presentation at Milan Design Week, so your increase in ritual washing level will have to wait. Take a look at the catalog photos of the sinks and see their beauty and functionality for yourself.

turntable-sink turntable-sink-2 turntable-sink-3 turntable-sink-4 turntable-sink-5 turntable-sink-6 turntable-sink-7

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